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Purchased the macujo aloe rid shampoo from, and i totally recommend it, once i received my package i called

Posted onAugust 22, 2022
this product really works!! I am a daily user of thc & I’ve been smoking for about 4 years now

Posted onAugust 6, 2022
TRUST THE PROCESS!!! I’ve NEVER done a review but this product deserves it. Thank you Mike! Here is a lil

Posted onAugust 5, 2022
I had been a daily meth user, but not a heavy one. When I quit knowing I wanted to try

Posted onJuly 30, 2022

Worked great

Posted onJuly 31, 2022
I’m not a daily meth user. However, i use on a regular basis (2-4 times a week). All I’ve got

Posted onJuly 27, 2022
Stop smoking before I knew I had to take a hair test, like 2/ 3 weeks. And was given 30

Posted onJuly 26, 2022
I literally had three days before my hair follicle test and was a nervous wreck. I ordered mike macujo method

Posted onJuly 23, 2022
Highly recommend this method. I did over 20 washes and passed my hair follicle test with flying colors. The price

Posted onJuly 20, 2022
Thanks Mike your method really came through for me. I have already recommended it to everyone one I met who

Posted onJuly 15, 2022
It works. Holy crap it worked. So my story is I was a pretty casual user of the devils lettuce,

Posted onJuly 13, 2022
I was about 3 months clean before my hair test. Ordered Mike macujos aloe rid kit, did about 8 full

Posted onJuly 13, 2022
let me tell y’all something. i’m a real female from ALABAMA & smoke like 2-3 blunts a day . i

e .
Posted onJuly 12, 2022
Smoking dabs for a year straight and did mikes method and pass a hair follicle. Will forever do this for

grant momon
Posted onJuly 7, 2022
I followed the method and I got the desired results! I only had enough shampoo for 12 washes of the

Amanda Gomez
Posted onJuly 7, 2022

Good products and great customer support, Im glad i bought from your website

Posted onJuly 7, 2022
Used macujo aloe rid and zydot for the day of the test
worked as advertised, i called mike and

Posted onJuly 6, 2022
I had a follicle test and long hair. This product worked amazing. Then I had another 6 weeks later, again.

Posted onJuly 2, 2022
It works exactly as stated if you follow the instructions! I smoked every day and sometimes multiple times a day

Posted onJune 29, 2022
This 9 step shampoo process worked great! I smoked the day before I started using the shampoo, and I’m a

Posted onJune 27, 2022

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